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Data Base Drop Down List

Database Drop Down List
Selecting the Drop Down Arrow as shown above, will display the databases in your current SQL Connection, as established in the Connect to SQL Server Dialog Box. In order to script your desired Stored Procedures and or Class objects, select the desired DataBase, and the tables within the selected Database will be shown in the area just below the DataBase Drop Down as shown below. For our example, we have selected Northwind data base, as noted in our documentation in downloading, the software is fully functional with the Northwind database as long as it's in it's native installation form, and unaltered.  In addition, you can work with your databases while un-registered, but you are limited to the two topmost tables of your databases.  Please Register your copy to remove these limitations.

To script the desired Stored Procedures, and or Class objects associated with the Stored Procedurs, select the desired tables, by clicking the check box to the right of the desired table.  Or you can right click in the Table Listing area, and select the Select All context menu as shown below, to have all tables selected.

In addition to the SelectAll Context menu, you can select De-Select All, which will unselect any tables that are selected, leaving NO tables selected.

The Refresh Context menu will Refresh the table list.  If you have SQLDataLayer open, and add a new table to your database, return to SQLDataLayer, right click on the table listing, and select Refresh to have your new table listed. That or changing databases and then returning to the database that you added the new table.